Friday, March 9, 2012

LTE iPhone

LTE iPhone 

LTE iPhone is an interesting topic to discuss especially while the releasing of the new iPhone 5 has not been clear yet. LTE (Long Term Evolution) network compatible is a project of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). It is the most recent standard in the smart phones technology. Many people expect this facility become one of the newest features of Apple iPhone 5. Some smart phones have used this technology but until 2011 Apple Company did not launch LTE iPhone.

Until the iPhone 4S generation, people still cannot get an LTE iPhone. Why does the LTE iPhone become people’s dream? 4G LTE facilities is known to as the fastest and most efficient system for transferring data and facilitating video and voice calls. It will be great if the iPhone 5 also facilitate by 4G LTE technology. But people should know that the 3.5 inch iPhone will need big design changes if the manufacturer wants to place the 4G LTE chip. With this dimension it is difficult placing the chip without shrinking other equipments that may reduce the some functions of iPhone 5. Considering this fact, LTE iPhone is still become a big mystery.

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