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Tum Paas Aaye

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - Film song

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Aimersoft Video Studio Express v1.2.1.29

Aimersoft Video Studio Express v1.2.1.29 | 16.16 MB

Aimersoft Video Studio Express v1.2.1.29 | Aimersoft Video Studio Express - this little gem of video editing tool is a big favorite among digital video editing beginners. As an easy yet powerful video editor, it permits you compile any movie or video projects regardless the size and format in a few simple steps. It can also enhance the looking of your video with stylish movie effects, scene transitions and background music.

Some possibilities:
• Edit SD and HD video
• Edit video with unique technology programs, such as adjusting effects, adding watermarks and subtitles.
• Trimming a video (removing the black bars and so on ...).
• Extract audio tracks from all kinds of DVD and other video files.
• Setting the output parameters (resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc.)
• Split a file into multiple segments or merge multiple files into one.
• Remove the black edges, logos, subtitles, or any other object

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AKVIS Enhancer 13.0.1944.8492

AKVIS Enhancer 13.0.1944.8492 | 25,6 Mb

AKVIS Enhancer - the program serves as a plug-in for Photoshop, as well as a separate image editor. AKVIS Enhancer is designed to enhance the detail photos, correction of dark areas and sharpening borders and contrast. Enhancer (translated as "improver") can help in many difficult problems with photos. Often the photographs seem hopelessly corrupt, it is very dark and blurry. The reasons can be many, but just as often all it may be not so bad.

Enhancer mode provides comprehensive correction of each pixel in the image without losing quality, allows you to correct any single picture to show detail in bright and dark areas. In this mode the program improves the texture, emphasizes the details, "pulling" them from the illuminated and shaded areas. Enhancer corrects underexposed photos, pictures taken against the sun, and even helps get rid of the fog or haze.

Focus mode helps sharpen the defocused image, to focus on certain parts of the image, correct the fuzzy object in the picture.

Smart Correction Mode is used for tone correction of images, that is, change the brightness of pixels in the dark and light areas, thereby improving the overall picture. This mode allows you to adjust not only the whole image, but also some of the color (for example, just lighten up a portrait, leaving the background intact, or darken the overexposed sky).

Mode HDR (only available in the version of standalone) provides images with high dynamic range of a few shots of the same object taken with different exposures.

The program is used not only for correction of family photographs and artistic pictures, Enhancer is used as the publishers and editors of technical literature to present a picture as possible of equipment in more detail. In medicine, this program helps with the recognition of fuzzy X-ray images.

AKVIS Enhancer allows you to store your favorite and most frequently used settings as presets and recall them as needed, which simplifies and speeds up the work.

Enhancer as a separate (standalone) program allows you to work in all four modes (Enhancer, Focus, Smart Correction, HDR), while the plugin Enhancer - in the first three (Enhance, Focus, Smart Correction).

The program Enhancer (standalone edition) also includes advanced editing pictures in the Postprocessing tab you can change the brightness, contrast and saturation, make a correction on the channels.

The plugin supports batch file processing, which allows automatic editing of a large number of photographs. This is very useful when dealing with the same type of defects, as often happens.

AKVIS Enhancer plugin is compatible with most popular graphics editors: Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Photo Paint and other (see the list of compatible editors).

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Total Training - Adobe Ilustrator CS5: Essentials by Steve Holmes | (958MB)

Total Training - Adobe Ilustrator CS5: Essentials by Steve Holmes
1 DVD | 7 chapters + Project Files | 7 Hrs | 958MB
English | wmv | 960 x 540 | wvc1 282 Kbps | 10 fps | wma 48 Kbps
Genre: Video training

  • Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS5 Essentials will teach you all you need to know to get up to speed quickly and easily with this powerful vector design tool. Join award-wining designer Steve Holmes as he shows you how to wield the sheer power of this incredible design and artwork program. Learn real-world techniques and solid processes for creating stunning artwork and layouts for print and digital media, utilizing the biggest and best tools Illustrator has to offer.


    * Creating, Using & Updating Graphic Styles

    * Building Intricate Logos with the new Shape Builder Tool

    * Making Artwork Pixel-Perfect for Web Export

    * Insanely Accurate Layout Techniques—no excuses!

    * Live Trace & Pantone Colors for T-Shirt Design
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Teri Ungali Pakad Ke Chala

Teri Ungali Pakad Ke Chala -Ladala

LTE iPhone

LTE iPhone 

LTE iPhone is an interesting topic to discuss especially while the releasing of the new iPhone 5 has not been clear yet. LTE (Long Term Evolution) network compatible is a project of the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). It is the most recent standard in the smart phones technology. Many people expect this facility become one of the newest features of Apple iPhone 5. Some smart phones have used this technology but until 2011 Apple Company did not launch LTE iPhone.

Until the iPhone 4S generation, people still cannot get an LTE iPhone. Why does the LTE iPhone become people’s dream? 4G LTE facilities is known to as the fastest and most efficient system for transferring data and facilitating video and voice calls. It will be great if the iPhone 5 also facilitate by 4G LTE technology. But people should know that the 3.5 inch iPhone will need big design changes if the manufacturer wants to place the 4G LTE chip. With this dimension it is difficult placing the chip without shrinking other equipments that may reduce the some functions of iPhone 5. Considering this fact, LTE iPhone is still become a big mystery.